Aldi’s dupe of Snoop Dogg’s fancy red wine costs just £9.99 – but does it taste better? | The Sun

NOW that the nights are getting colder, it’s time to swap the light crisp summer rosé for a nice warming glass of red. 

And while browsing the wine aisle for a bottle at his local Aldi, vino aficionado Tom Tryon spotted a rather hilarious dupe of a notorious celeb’s boozy beverage. 

Tom regularly shares his wine expertise and recommendations with his 33.7k followers, and a recent clip of him reviewing Aldi’s latest cheeky copy racked up a huge 220k views. 

“We all love an Aldi dupe,” the wine whizz began, “but this is hilarious.” 

He then jumped to a shot of him showing off Cali Red, a swanky wine by the rapper Snoop Dog which sells for between £12 and £16. 

“This is Aldi’s version,” he explained revealing a bottle of the supermarket’s The Reprobates California Red. 

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Instead of featuring Snoop Dogg in a hood like the original, Aldi’s one hilariously features an actual dog wearing a hood. 

Aldi’s version also comes in quite a bit cheaper, costing only £9.99. 

“I’m going to put them to a taste test,” Tom continues, cleverly naming his contest “Snoop versus the dupe”. 

“They’re both from California,” the beverage buff notes, “both big and juicy, fruity flavours.” 

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“Full-bodied, jammy, ripe,” he adds as he pours a small glass of each. 

Testing Snoop’s offering first, he states: “Pretty big flavours, quite sweet, very ripe, jammy, fruity, vanilla-y, woody.”

He then takes a gulp of Aldi’s version, noting “you don’t get quite the same ripe fruitiness bursting out of the glass as Snoop Dogg’s.” 

“But it’s a little bit more balanced, there’s a little bit more savouriness, it’s not quite so sweet,” he finds. 

“But still full-bodied, plenty of flavour, lots going on there.” 

Holding up Aldi’s vindicated vino, he declares: “this one takes it.”

In the caption, Tom explains a bit more about the reason for the slight difference in the taste, writing that “Aldi’s version uses Shiraz instead of a blend of Zinfadel, Petite Sirah, and a few other California favourites”. 

And viewers in the comment clearly agreed with his verdict. 

“Faaaarrr too sweet for me the Snoop one, as much as I wanted to love it,” one admitted. 



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Another came up with a canny slogan for Aldi’s vino: “Doop Dogg.” 

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