Everyone begs for my mom's skincare routine – 63 never looked so good, she's used the same cleanser for 20 years | The Sun

KEEPING age at bay comes down to a strict skincare regime, according to one TikToker.

She has a very youthful-looking mom to prove her point and everyone is begging to know what she uses.

This age-defying lady is 63 and has never looked so good.

A strict, unwavering regime was her secret, using some tried and tested products, including the same cleanser, for 20 years.

Her daughter, Karlee Eldridge (@karleeeldridge1), uses them for her own complexion today.

In her post, she invited her mom to explain what she used in her skincare regime.

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Cetaphil – $7

Her mom said: “I have sensitive skin so my dermatologist recommended just regular Cetaphil, which I use morning and night every day and I’ve never used anything else."

Shiseido Bio-Performance – $85

Next in her beauty armory was Shiseido Bio-Performance Advanced Super Revitalising Cream.

One reviewer described it as the "best she had ever used."

She continued: "It leaves my face dewy and healthy looking. I get many compliments that at 58, I have no lines or wrinkles. Well worth the money."

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This was followed by another Shiseido product.

Shiseido Benefiance Wrinkle Smoothing Eye Cream – $65

“I also use the Shiseido eye cream, that we both use," mom said referring to her daughter.

Karlee agreed: "But these two things [both Shiseido products) we’ve been using for a long time.

Sunday Riley Good Genes All-in-One Lactic Acid Treatment – $122

There was a part of her mom's routine that was relatively new.

“But the one thing I started using not too long ago but I really do love, is Sunday Riley Good Genes," said mom.

"It’s really good and makes my face feel good. I put this on at night and I put it under my moisturizer."

Leaving a review, this person was amazed by the results.

"Wow, this actually helps with my acne. I’m an acne veteran and I have tried a lot of products. It was nice to realize I didn’t waste my money."

Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair – $125

This was a staple for this 63-year-old: "I have used  Estée Lauder Night Repair for a long time as well. It’s really good."

Evidence of its effectiveness was reported by this reviewer.

"My mother is 90. This week someone asked her what she used for her skin (it’s beautiful BTW). Her response, Estée Lauder Night Repair for 40+ yrs. What more do you need to know?"

Sisley-Paris Eye Contour Mask – $148

Focussing on her eyes, she rated the Sisley-Paris Eye Contour Mask highly.

"This is a good product," said mom. "If you feel sometimes your eyes need more moisturizer it’s like a mask for your eyes.

"You put it on, leave it for like ten minutes then wipe it off. It feels really really good."

There was another cream, however, not covered yet but was crucial said Karlee.

"The most important is sunscreen. [Mom] has been yelling at me for years to make sure I wear sunscreen.

LA Roche Posay 50+ – $37

Her mom, a keen tennis player, wore LA Roche Posay 50+ religiously.

"She's out in the sun playing tennis every day. I think that’s another reason she looks so young. She’s very active and works out," wrote Karlee.

It certainly impressed this viewer, who said it was "by far is my favorite."

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She continued: "It doesnt break me out, even when I sleep in it, and has a nice neutral tint."

Concluding her post, Karlee did concede that she and her mom may have good genes to thank for their youthful looks.

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