I'm a CEO in my 60s and tried a viral sheer white dress, I didn't love it on my body but I learned a valuable lesson | The Sun

A CEO in her 60s has revealed the valuable lesson she learned when she tried on a viral sheer white dress.

She didn't like the way it looked on her body, but she was able to find the silver lining.

TikToker Cynthia DiGarza (@cyndigarza) created a video after she tried the latest fashion trend.

"Although this dress is viral and sheer is trending, I don’t feel good in this. Only wear what feels good to you," she captioned the clip.

Cynthia paired a sheer overlay from Amazon with a viral white strapless dress.

"I got this beautiful sheer dress to put over it from Amazon," she said about the coverup. "I just want to see how this looks over it."

Cynthia tried a sheer pearl cover-up, which retails for $36. It has a 3.8 rating from 33 reviews.

The not-so-typical CEO — as she describes herself in her TikTok bio — wasn't impressed.

"I don't know if I love this," she said. "I don't think it does anything for me."

The TikToker said there was a lesson to be learned here.

"This is a great example of seeing something and thinking it's gonna look a certain way, and it ends up not being right for my body type," she said.

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"It doesn't do anything for me," she continued. "I feel like it looks straight up and down."

Cynthia was influenced by an advertisement on social media, but said it didn't have the same effect in real life.

"They look great in the Instagram feed and the Facebook ad, but all of a sudden, I just don't feel good about myself," she admitted.

"So that's a lesson: Only wear things you feel really good in," she finished.

Sheer fabric was first worn in the 1920s, according to Women's Wear Daily.

With 90s and 00s nostalgia on the rise, the return of "layering and underwear dressing" has also made a comeback, Emily Gordon-Smith, the content director at Stylus, told The Zoe Report.

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