I'm a dog expert and here's the 17 breeds I’d never own – including the pooch that will leave your home covered in drool | The Sun

A DOG expert has revealed the 17 breeds he would never own – including the pooch that costs a fortune in vet bills and another that will leave your home covered in drool.

So if you want to get a dog, but can’t decide what breed will be right for you, you’ve come to the right place. 

The vet assistant took to social media to share her claims, as she revealed the “dog breeds I’d never own.”

She then confirmed: “Love all dogs, these just aren’t for me!” 

The vet assistant claimed that she would never own a Frenchie, simply because she “can’t afford the vet bills and doesn’t like the look” of them.

She then shared that she would never own a Belgian Malinois, as she claimed it is “self explanatory” because they are “too hyper” for her lifestyle.

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Not only this, but she penned that she wouldn’t own a Basset Hound, because they have “bone and joint problems” and also have as she described “duck feet.” 

When it comes to Huskies, the dog lover explained that they are “not good at home renovation” and she claimed that she wouldn’t want to own one as she “doesn’t want a dog that talks back.” 

The dog expert also said that she wouldn’t own an Akita or a Shiba Inu, because she likes her “sanity.” 

As well as this, the dog pro wrote that German Shepherds are “anxious” for no reason and she wouldn’t be keen on having a Mastiff because she “doesn’t want” her “walls painted in drool.”

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The social media user also claimed that Boxers are “scared of clowns” and she wouldn’t bother with a St Bernard because they have “too much hair and drool” and can be incredibly “stubborn.”

When describing Chow Chows, the dog whizz described them as having an “unstable temperament” and said they can be very “headstrong” and she also explained that she wouldn’t own a Beagle because she “doesn’t want [her] neighbours to hate [her].” 

Not only would the dog expert avoid these breeds, but she also claimed that Bloodhounds are like “large Basset Hounds” and are “a larger version of a Beagle” and so therefore she wouldn’t own one.

The dog whizz then went on to describe Bulldogs as “stinky”, as she claimed they can “barely walk”.

She also questioned “where are their eyes” when it comes to Shar Peis, and simply said “no” when it comes to Pugs.

Finally, the dog lover claimed that Newfoundlands are “cute, but not for me” as she “likes not vacuuming every 10 minutes.” 

The TikTok clip, which was posted under the username @muddiipawss, has clearly left many stunned, as it has quickly gone viral and has since amassed a staggering 5.3 million views. 

But social media users were left open-mouthed at the animal pro’s claims and were eager to disagree in the comments. 

One person said: “My beagle is the best doggie ever!”

Another added: “Don't be mean to my boxers.”

A third commented: “I agree with most but the German Shepherd I will never agree with.”

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Whilst someone else chimed in: “As a frenchie, boxer and German shep owner, I have to disagree.”

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