Filler addict who ‘hated her face’ shares results of getting it dissolved & many are stunned at how she’s aged backwards | The Sun

A YOUNG woman has revealed that she became so addicted to lip filler that she ended up hating her face.

Evita Parele, who is from the UK, revealed that she had filler plumped into her pout, but was left disappointed with how it made her look. 

Sharing a clip on social media, Evita posted a variety of images showing off her plump lips.

She wrote: “Got addicted to lip filler, to the point I hated my face.”

Evita’s pout was not only over filled, but it appeared as though the filler had migrated to other areas around her pout, giving her a swollen, asymmetrical result. 

The blonde beauty later added: “I think I got obsessed too much!!” 

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Seconds later, Evita revealed that she made the decision to “dissolve all of the filler.” 

Getting filler dissolved involves having injections into the areas where you’ve had dermal filler.

Concentrated doses of hyaluronidase are injected into the lip, which break down the hyaluronic acid in the lip filler. 

This is then disposed of by the body's natural systems.

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Evita then shared a variety of images of her with much smaller lips, after getting rid of the filler for good.

The beauty fan looked noticeably younger without the lip filler, as she fan then asked her followers: “Which look do you prefer?”

The TikTok clip, which was posted under the username @evitaparele, has clearly left many open-mouthed, as it has quickly racked up 108,900 views. 

Social media users were left stunned at Evita’s transformation and many claimed that they preferred her without the filler. 

One person said: “You look gorg with both but you look prettier with no fillers. You can see your features more.” 

Another added: “Much better without.” 

A third commented: “Gorgeous without girly, natural is always best.”

At the same time, many TikTok users were gobsmacked at how dissolving the filler had enabled Evita to age backwards, as many took to the comments to claim that Evita looked ‘younger’ without her overly plump lips.

One user wrote: “Evita! You look so much YOUNGER without the filler! Love love love it!” 

A second chimed in: “You look so much younger and prettier without it.” 

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Whilst someone else penned: “Look better and younger without filler!” 

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