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LOUNGEWEAR is a popular wardrobe staple and whilst a tracksuit is great for lounging around at home, there are several places it shouldn’t be worn. 

Thanks to the pandemic, the tracksuit is no longer seen as the iconic uniform of chavs. 

Kim Kardashian has also made loungewear stylish after stepping out in a set from Balenciaga costing $3,000 whilst Love Island star Molly-Mae Hauge has a Gucci twin set that set her back £1,800.

And thanks to the Y2K comeback even Juicy Couture became a must-have look again.

But while we all want to dress like the A-listers and seek comfort in our styles, there are some places where tracksuits shouldn’t be worn. Here, Fabulous' Fashion Editor Clemmie Fieldsend reveals where you should never wear yours. 


Unless you work at the local leisure centre, a trendy start up or as a P.E teacher there isn’t really a place for a tracksuit in the office. 

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Woman fuming after being dress-coded for wearing tracksuit to grab a coffee

To look presentable to those around you, who you meet with and of course the boss, its best to take pride in your appearance and not show up in a baggy two piece. 

If you do love the easiness of a co-ord then switch to a colourful suit, they’re not all in boring, drab colours anymore and they’ll make a statement but are still comfortable. 



If you’re on a Netflix and chill kind of date then you might warrant a tracksuit, however it isn’t the best look you can wear to impress your partner or potential partner. 

Dressing in your slobs will make them feel like you‘re not bothered about impressing them or just making an effort altogether. 

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If you’re trying to bag a new love interest in your life showing up in a baggy, food-stained tracksuit isn’t going to sent anyone's heart on fire. 


When the wind bites first thing in the morning you may feel the need to reach for your cosy joggers but try and refrain. 

Showing up at the school gates in your two-piece will make the kids die of embarrassment as you’ll look like you're trying to fit in with their mates and their tracksuits.

Or like you’re running off to teach them Sport. 

If you’re looking for comfort for the school run choose trousers with elastic waists and fluidity paired with a cosy knit.
This is much more versatile for everyday and more stylish. 


The Jockey Club announced that it is ditching its race course dress code for 15 of its race meets including Aintree and Cheltenham. 

While the change is to encourage the sport to become more accessible and inclusive to everyone, what a shame it would be to see women swapping fascinators and frocks for tracksuits. 

Tracksuits are intended for relaxation purposes, not for weddings, christenings and please not the race course.

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