I’m a pro piercer and there are six places I’d never get done – and it’s bad news if you love a tongue stud | The Sun

GETTING A new piercing can be a fun and unique way to express yourself, but it’s not a decision you should make lightly. 

Doing your research before heading over to a studio is incredibly important as some piercings can come with risks and can even be dangerous.

And one woman knows this all too well as she works as a professional piercer. 

Marie explained that she doesn’t offer a total of seven piercings to customers as they are not “safe and viable” in her opinion. 

Taking to her social media account, she explained that there are six “oral piercings I would never EVER get as a professional piercer”. 

The first one is called the horizontal lip piercing, which is when there are two piercings on the bottom lip. 

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According to Piercee.com, these piercings can be painful to heal and change after getting them done. And if you happen to decide to remove them, they’ll leave a permanent scar behind. 

Marie then said she would never get a tongue webbing piercing, which is when the section between the underside of the tongue and bottom of the mouth is pierced. 

Master Pierce wrote an entire entry around this piercing and why they don’t offer it as a service at their shop. 

They explained that the tissue that gets pierced is very thin and can “barely support the weight” of the jewellery. 

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It can cause pressure, discomfort and can even warp the piercing itself when your tongue rests on it as well, which makes “migration and tearing”  a real risk. 

TikTok user @piercingsby_marie went on to share the third piercing she doesn’t offer, which is called a ‘smiley’. 

This is when the jewellery goes through your frenulum, a small piece of skin connecting your upper lip to your upper gum. 

According to Healthline, these piercings can turn dangerous if they’re improperly done or cared for. 

They can cause gum damage, enamel damage, infection and if your body views the jewellery as an intruder, it could reject it. 

Marie said the fourth piercing she doesn’t offer to her clients is called snakey eyes, otherwise known as a horizontal tongue piercing. 

This is exactly what it sounds like: two piercings placed on the tip of the tongue horizontally, which happens to look like a snakey if you poke your tongue out. 

According to pro piercer Lynn Loheide these piercings can cause gum erosion, chipped teeth and a lisp while talking. They can always cause issues to swallow. 

“There’s a reason we haven’t been doing them before now, and that’s because they aren’t safe,” she wrote on her website. 

Fifth on Marie’s list of piercings she would never get is called the Dahlia, which is when two studs are piercings into the sides of the mouth. 

Pro piercer at Studio 28, Vicki Rose, told Popsugar: "With any oral piercing, you are risking your gum and dental health if jewellery is ever worn that isn't a proper fit for the tissue.” 

She added that there’s also a risk of scarring, should you ever wish to get them removed. 

The sixth piercing Marie would never get herself is called frog eyes, otherwise known as scoop tongue piercings. 

Similar to the snakey eyes piercing, this can cause gum damage and your body may reject it, too. 

The final one Marie wouldn’t get herself is piercings on her cheeks, which can be rejected and get infected too. 

In the caption, she added: “I don’t offer these and I personally would never get them done! THEY AREN’T SAFE AND VIABLE PIERCINGS IMO”. 

People were quick to comment on the post as one person wrote: “I had cheeks for six years. Never healed.” 

Another asked: “Why the tongue web? I have one for years now and it’s great,” to which she replied: “So many clients struggle to keep it clean and have issues w plaque build up. Also depending on your anatomy it can chip the back of your teeth!”


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A third posted: “Yes yes yes. Cheeks and dimples can be done safely but most people have the HARDEST time healing them”.

While a fourth added: “I had the vertical lip one and the skin of my lip that was holding it slowly thined out so i had to take it out :(“. 

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