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PLENTY of people online obsess about getting the ‘perfect’ nose with a slight lift at the end, with many going so far as surgery to achieve the look. 

But according to one make-up maestro, it’s an effect you can easily get with what’s already in your make-up bag, so long as you keep in mind her simple hack. 

Christen Dominique is a digital creator who regularly shares tutorials detailing how she achieves her glam looks. 

The Latina beauty is just a whisper away from a massive two million followers on her Instagram account @ChristenDominique. 

And in a recent video she delighted fans by revealing how to do “nose surgery” with little more than a contour and highlighter stick. 

“Get ready to do nose surgery with me,” Christen jokes at the start of the video. “Or just lifting our nose with make-up, same thing.” 

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The cosmetics whizz begins by telling viewers to take their bronzer – she opts for Saie’s cream bronzer, because it “goes on the skin soft and creamy”. 

She then explains: “You’re going to take it across the nose”, while drawing a slightly curved line across the bridge. 

“This is going to be the thickest line you’ll do,” she adds. 

Christen then blends it out with a brush, informing followers “it’s okay that it has a warm undertone, because you’re going to go with contour right on top of it".

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The brunette bombshell then grabs a contour stick – she opts for Fenty Beauty’s Mocha & Banana Match Stix – before drawing a half moon exactly where she drew the previous line. 

“I’m not drawing a line straight down,” she clarifies, warning viewers off making the shape too sharp. 

“I’m cupping the nose,” Christen describes, before blending out the second etching. 

Make sure to “pat in” the make-up rather than rubbing back and forth, so the shape stays in the right position and you don’t drag the contour out of place. 

The beauty guru then suggests adding and blending a line of bronzer across the bottom of your nose attaching your two nostrils, before adding another smaller half moon of highlighter right to the very tip of your conk. 

“Trust me, the most lifted nose you’ll ever see,” she gushes as she shows off the flawless finished result. 

The contour gives your nose the perfectly pinched look that TikTokers go mad for, sure enough giving an instant nose job-style effect. 

And Instagram users clearly loved the hack, with the clip racking up a whopping 529k views. 

“Love this quick nose contouring,” one user wrote. “I will definitely be trying this one.” 



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“OMG, I have been doing my nose contour too low,” another added. “Thanks for sharing, so simple.”

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