My mom reviewed my Halloween haul – she said the Catwoman costume would be cute but I'm not 'blessed' on top | The Sun

A VIVACIOUS young woman's mother has reviewed her recent Halloween haul and did not hold back.

Her mom even said that the Catwoman costume she tried on would be a cute choice, but the only drawback is that she's not "blessed" in her chest.

Orange County resident Olivia Massucci (@oliviamassucci) has a passion for fashion.

In a TikTok video, she shared her recent shopping haul from Windsor that was filled with figure-hugging Halloween costumes.

Her mother stood by her side and offered honest commentary about each of the styles.

"Just got a bunch of Halloween costumes in the mail, and I'm gonna have my mom help me rate them, and decide which one I should wear on Halloween," she said.

First, she tried on the Lady Justice Star Print Metallic Bodysuit, $23.96, which resembled a Wonder Woman costume.

Her mother said it was "super cute" and gave it a ten out of ten rating for the way it accentuated her shape.

Next, Olivia tried on a black Bold Moment Faux Leather Corset Top, $32.90, black High Waist Coated Faux Leather Shorts, $22.90, and a black cat mask to complete her Catwoman look.

Her mother liked it but admitted that there wasn't much she was "blessed with" in the bust department and rated it a seven out of ten.

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When the content creator came out in her sailor costume, she couldn't help but say: "This is your Captain speaking."

She wore a white Ahoy Sailor Cutie Collared Tie-Front Top, $19.96, blue Ahoy Sailor Cutie Faux Leather Shorts, $20.96. and a Glitzy Bejeweled Captain Cabby Hat, $39.90.

Olivia's mother rated the outfit a nine out of ten, and the blonde woman joked that her mother was finding costumes as well.

Lastly, she came out in a The Little Mermaid-inspired costume, complete with a Pearl Embellished Bra, $32.90, Mesmerizing Mermaid Halloween Pants, $39.90, a Sea Princess Mermaid Crown, $10.97, and gold Gemstone Block Heels, $23.00.

She couldn't help but gush over the details in her shoes and her mom loved the crown on her head.

In the end, her mother gave the mermaid costume a solid rating of an eight out of ten, but opted for her to wear the sailor costume instead.

"Which one is your favorite?!" Olivia asked her audience in the video caption.

Many people chimed in with their thoughts in the comment section of the video.

"I’m going mermaid on this one, but Wonder Woman also goes hard," a viewer commented.

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Another chimed in: "I feel like that Wonder Woman would look fantastic on your mom."

Another fan praised: "Not gonna lie. The sailor costume is a slay with the bedazzled hat."

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