Going monogamish saved our marriage… now I have sex with women while my husband watches – but we have 3 important rules | The Sun

WOULD you consider letting your spouse sleep with other people?

That's what one couple from west London decided to do by embracing the Millennial and Gen Z trend of becoming 'monogamish'.

Personal trainer Linda Partick, 29, and her husband Nathan, 27, an events manager, have been together for 10 years and monogamish for three.

The Sun's exclusive autumn sex survey reveals 40 per cent of under-35s are ­choosing to get busy with multiple partners.

Here Linda and Nathan reveal why the secret to their long and successful marriage is being monogamish…

Linda says: “WE started opening up our relationship after I expressed a desire to sleep with other people, especially women.



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My husband has always known I'm bisexual, but we were monogamous so we never experimented. 

I struggled to stay in a heterosexual dynamic as my desire for women intensified the more I fantasised about it. 

I’d watch a lot of lesbian porn but in the end it wasn’t enough to subside the urge.

In 2019, we discussed becoming ‘monogamish’.

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Linda says she'd always fantasised about sleeping with womenCredit: Supplied

Unlike polyamorous couples we didn’t want to have relationships with other people, but we wanted to open up our sex life. 

We decided to bite the bullet and attended our first sex party, setting clear boundaries before we went. 

These rules included: never playing separately, never playing with single men – only women and couples – and no prolonged chats after to stop an emotional connection developing.  

It was nerve-wracking at first but we both loved it and we haven't looked back since.

Personally I believe it keeps our sex life diverse, as we both feel fulfilled in all our kinks and desires. 

I believe it keeps our sex life diverse, as we both feel fulfilled in all our kinks and desires

I enjoy watching him with other women and he enjoys watching me. But the best part of all is the sex we have AFTER – often referred to in the monogamish community as the 'reclaiming' sex.

It’s the best sex ever!

We are so passionate after we’ve been with others and we really feel connected – and reclaimed. 

It has bought us closer than ever – in and out of the bedroom.

Unlike most monogamous relationships, where people are consumed with jealousy, we discuss what women we find attractive and the amazing sex we have with other people – everything best friends would talk about! 

No jealousy

There’s no jealousy in our marriage and we honestly believe it is the secret to our successful marriage.

As long as we keep to the rules we are both happy.  

We are so passionate after we’ve been with others and we really feel connected – and reclaimed. It has brought us closer

We now have our own podcast, @the.playroom, about it, where we share our experiences about being a young, ethnic couple navigating this world.”

Nathan adds: “I found opening up our marriage difficult at first. I was scared it might cause Linda to leave me for someone she liked more.

But I chose to trust her and supported her through her desire to become monogamish.

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It has actually made us stronger and now that I get to see who she really is I love her more than ever. 

She no longer has to suppress this whole side to her and it’s benefited us both.”

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