The Daily Beast & the NY Post both did straight summaries of Byline’s Sussexit report

One of the biggest royal stories of October was Byline Times’ exclusive reporting around the 2020 Sussexit, with lots of details about what was going on behind-the-scenes. Dan Wootton was paying Prince William’s press secretary Christian Jones and Jones’s partner to leak Sussex information, and when Harry named Jones in some pre-lawsuit legal papers, the palace freaked out because their whole rotten operation would be exposed. Byline’s sources confirmed the palace mindset, which is that the Sussexes’ finances and security had to be cut off as a way to “bring them to heel” back in the UK. I don’t believe Byline has anywhere close to the full story of what went down, but Byline is on the right track.

What was also interesting was watching the British and American media mostly ignore Byline’s reporting. You might say “hey, this is old news” or “no one cares about the royals!” But the same outlets which carry any and every half-assed negative rumor about the Sussexes were suddenly silent as the grave. From what I’ve seen, ITV is still the only British outlet to cover Byline’s reporting and ITV added their own reporting and timeline (which didn’t make any sense, but hey, at least they tried).

Then, over the weekend, two American outlets covered Byline’s report. The Daily Beast’s Royalist column did just a straight summary of Byline’s cover story in their weekly round-up of royal news. Then the NY Post did the same – a straight-forward summary, without contacting dumbf–k “royal experts” to chime in or soften the reporting. I find that coverage especially weird from the Post, which is owned by the Murdoch family, same as The Sun. The Sun was the outlet which broke the Sussexit story, with Wootton’s exclusive reporting, and Harry is still suing the Sun. The Sun also paid Prince William a seven-figure settlement that same year, 2020.

Mail columnist Richard Eden’s tweet doesn’t count as “covering” the Byline story, but it did show the British derangers’ desperation to change the subject.

— Richard Eden (@richardaeden) October 27, 2023

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