We changed our baby’s name because the original one didn’t suit her – now trolls say we gave her a ‘stripper’ moniker | The Sun

A MUM who decided to change her baby girl's name when she was one week old has found herself blasted by trolls.

Kaci gave birth to her third child in late October – five weeks earlier than expected at 35 weeks pregnant.

The sudden arrival of the tot meant that she and her husband Casey didn't have long to settle on a name for their new addition.

So they chose their favourite on their list – Murphy.

However, when they got home from the hospital, they quickly realised the name wasn't right for their little girl.

"We named her Murphy, and we still absolutely love that name," Kaci explained in a video on her TikTok page.

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"But, she really just doesn't look like a Murphy.

"We just don't really feel like the name suits her that good, so we're changing it."

She said that the baby's siblings have been calling her by another name, which they've "kinda fallen in love" with,

"I know that we're going to get some backlash and some rude, negative comments, but I've just come to realise that our baby having a name we love is way more important than what the Internet thinks," Kaci added.

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"You can call us crazy, and we probably are, but now that she's been here a week and I'm not heavily medicated anymore, and we've really got time to spend time with her and just see how sweet she is – we have the perfect new name for her that we think suits her perfectly. "

"Disclaimer! We love her old name still, it just didn’t suit her," Kaci captioned the video.

And lots of people in the comments section said they were just grateful she was no longer called Murphy.

"'She doesn’t look like a Murphy', so she wasn’t a golden retriever?" one person commented.

"Does anyone look like a Murphy lol," another asked.

As a third said: "Thank goodness, ugh Murphy? No. just no."

In another video, Kaci revealed the baby's new name, as she cuddled her close and said: "She's just so sweet. And this is a sweet name for a sweet gal. Did you get that?

"My sweet baby's name is Honey. Honey Banks.

"Doesn't she look like a Honey? She does. She's the sweetest noodle Honey I ever saw.

"I know it's not for everyone, but that's okay, cause she's our baby and it fits her."

And, as predicted, the name change led to some clapback from trolls.

"Welp. Career choice is locked in too apparently," one wrote.

"Stripper it is!"

"Well, not every baby looks like an 85 year old woman. But a baby might fit Honey, and will work great for her adult stripper name too!" another commented.

To which Kaci replied: "What an incredibly weird and gross thing to comment about a baby?

"And you think we're the ones who want attention?"

"Is she a hip hop dancer?? Wtf yall," another added.

"Sounds like one of those rap guys girlfriends," a third commented.

"Start working on her brother peanut butter," someone else joked.

As another person wrote: "Kids grow up.. can you imagine a 35 year old named HONEY??"

But others defended Kaci for naming her daughter Honey, with one writing: "Honey Banks is so cute!"

"Honey Banks is precious… she can be your Lil Honey B," another added.

"NO THATS SUCH A CUTE NAME! don’t let people bully you, it’s so cute," a third commented.

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To which Kaci replied: "We’re not letting the Karen’s and Helgas in the comments bully us!"

"Everyone’s hating but i think it’s adorable," someone else wrote.

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