You have eyes of a hawk if you spot all 8 animals in under 30 seconds & what you see first reveals your true personality | The Sun

ONLY those with perfect vision can spot all eight animals in this illusion within 30 seconds.

If you enjoy puzzles and are an animal lover, this is the illusion for you.

Not only will this brainteaser test your patience and your attention to detail, but it can also tell you more about your personality.

This image created by Live Football Tickets features eight different animals and what you see first says a lot about your attitude while playing sports.

If you are struggling to spot all of the animals, do not worry as fewer than one percent of people can spot a rhino, bear, or gazelle, according to the creators.

The other animals you may see are an eagle, a lion, a goat, a cheetah, and a shark.

If you spotted the lion first, this means that you are a strong leader and can easily take on the role of captain in a sports team.

Meanwhile, if you saw the cheetah first, it means that you are more likely to be fast and agile with impeccable reaction times.

According to the creators, 15 percent of players can spot the goat first.

These people are said to have the perfect combination of all desired traits by being cool, calm, and collected but still being incredibly competitive.

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Just eight percent can see the eagle or the shark first especially as the wings and teeth stand out against the other animals.

Those who see the eagle have fantastic vision, great attention to detail, and awareness of the situation around them.

Meanwhile, those who see the shark tend to "pounce on any opportunity when you smell blood," according to the artists behind the image.

If you are in the one percent of players who can see the rhino, then you are strong and perform a key task for those around you.

"You are the foundation and backbone…your strength and presence means nobody gets past you," the creators said.

Meanwhile, those who have equally good vision to spot the bear can be imposing but are strong and solid and can be agile when needed.

For those who got the gazelle, while you may seem unthreatening when you need to, you can get away and make the most of your agility.

If you are struggling to see all eight animals, try to spot their distinguishing features such as their eyes, teeth, horns, wings, ears, or unique coat.

If you enjoyed that illusion, why not try and find the hidden broom in this image in less than eight seconds?

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