Adele shares the beauty trick she swears by every night to reduce her bloating – and it'll cost you less than £3 | The Sun

ADELE has shared the budget buy she swears by to get rid of her bloating.

The singer has been performing at a weekend residency in Las Vegas in recent weeks, and sports a variety of stunning outfits when she takes to the stage.

As she performed one of the recent concerts, she donned a gorgeous black dress, which she teamed with a gold belt.

But she had to stop the show to tell the audience she was struggling to wear the belt – which was made from solid gold so had no give.

"I'm not going to lie guys," she said, with a video of the "iconic" moment shared on TikTok by a fan in the audience.

"Last night I had some Chinese food after the show, and then this morning I had a really big breakfast of like bacon, and hash, and an omelette.

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"And now my belt doesn't f**king fit and it's metal. This belt is solid gold and I can't breathe in it."

And that's not the only reason Adele's belt was feeling a bit tight.

She'd also skipped the part of her nightly routine that she swears by to help keep her bloating at bay.

"Every night as well, I like to have an Epsom salt bath because it just like releases the tension and alleviates the bloating," she said.

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"I didn't do one last night and now my belt don't fit!"

She enlisted the help of a member of the band to take the belt off for her, and immediately exhaled with relief once she was free.

She also showed her relief as she sat down belt-free, sighing: "Oh that's better, f**k me!"

Adele's honesty, and candidness, was rewarded with roaring laughter from the audience, with which the singer joined in.

The Skyfall star isn't the only famous face to swear by regular Epsom salt baths – Victoria Beckham, Gwyneth Paltrow and Elle Macpherson are also known to be fans.

"The salt pulls the water out of your body," Dalton Wong, personal trainer and founder of TwentyTwo Training told Women's Health.

"It takes all the toxins and the excess water out of your system so that you’re looking the best that you can." 

Just add two heaped cups of Epsom salts to your bath and soak in it for 20 to 30 minutes for the best results.

However, many experts say it's not a good idea to do Epsom salt baths daily – suggesting sticking to once weekly instead.

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