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SHAVING is hardly the most glamorous topic, and the products involved are rarely ones that you want out on display in your bathroom.

But razor subscription service Estrid is here to change all that.

In a bid to make shaving better for your skin, your bathroom and the environment, the brand has designed a sleek, chic razor that’s designed to last forever, made from steel and available in six pastel colours.

And because ensuring your blades are always sharp is the key to a smooth shave, with Estrid you sign up to receive regular deliveries of its five-blade razor heads, posted through your letterbox at a frequency to suit you – so there’s really no excuse for using a blunt blade.

The razor heads themselves are made up of five super-fine stainless steel blades surrounded by a vegan lubricating strip to moisturise the skin.

Estrid is also a big champion for body positivity, using realistic model imagery and inspirational messaging — a change from the usual super-polished promotional material we’re used to seeing from razor brands.

Shaving has always been my hair removal method of choice when it comes to de-fuzzing my legs and underarms, but I’m lazy; I want to be able to swipe a razor quickly over my limbs in a few minutes and not have to worry about rashes, nicks or missed hairs.

I also want my bathroom to look nice (yes, I’m one of those people who uses up a posh bottle of hand wash and then fills the bottle up with something cheaper), and a garish plastic razor thrown onto my shower floor is not the aesthetic I’m going for.

Having already seen quite a lot of hype about Estrid in the press and on social media, I was keen to see if the products were practical as well as pretty.

Here’s my review of the Estrid razor subscription service…

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  • Starter Kit, £7.95 from Estrid – buy here
Estrid's £7.95 Starter Kit includes a Steel handle in a colour of your choice, plus two razor blazers and a holderCredit: Laura Mulley


  • Looks stylish in your bathroom
  • Feels high-quality
  • Gives a really smooth shave, and quickly
  • You’ll never run out of fresh blades
  • Vegan and cruelty-free


  • Lubricating strip on the blades could be more conditioning
  • Heavy if dropped in the shower or bath
  • There are cheaper razors on the market

Rating: 5/5

Estrid Razor review: quick summary

I’ve only been using Estrid for a few weeks but I can’t see myself ever going back to another razor. 

I can see the handle lasting for ages (if not quite ‘a lifetime’ then definitely for years), and even if I didn’t keep up the subscription forever, I’d happily repurchase Estrid blades as and when I needed them.

Here’s why…

  • Starter Kit, £7.95 from Estrid – buy here


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Estrid Razor review: full review

First impressions

My delivery of the Estrid Starter Kit in the post was genuinely really exciting to open. It comes in a millennial pink cardboard box emblazoned with positive affirmations and cute stamps.

Inside the lid is printed the slogan ‘Your body, your choice’, which I think is a great attitude to shaving, and the starter kit contains the razor, a holder in the same colour, two blades and a care manual.

When it came to seeing the actual product, I never thought it would be possible to swoon over a razor, but I absolutely loved it. 

The sleek ergonomic design, made from matt steel with a rubber grip on the underside, felt luxuriously heavy in my hand, and is something I would be happy to have out on display in my bathroom

The blades click on easily and the tool slots neatly into its holder, which sticks unobtrusively onto your bath or shower wall.

For travelling, or if you don’t want to hang the razor on the wall, there’s also a silicone travel case, which is easy to clean and looks modern and stylish.

So far, I was impressed.

  • Starter Kit, £7.95 from Estrid – buy here


I used the Estrid razor in the shower on my legs and underarms, on wet skin, and I can honestly say that it gave one of the smoothest and quickest shaves ever.

One of the reasons for this is, I think, how the blade attaches to the handle; it’s flexible enough to move back and forth but doesn’t flap around, snapping back into position for more control.

How the handle is designed also helps. Fitting neatly into the palm of your hand, it allows for precision and easy use without any fumbling.

I’m not particularly prone to shaving rash or ingrown hairs anyway, but I didn’t experience either of these concerns using the Estrid razor either; just smooth, fuzz-free skin.

I usually miss a few spots when I shave — around the knees, ankles and in the deepest hollows under my arms — but it felt like the Estrid razor found every hair, swiftly chopping it down to the skin.

If I had one tiny complaint, I would like the lubricating strip around the blades to be a little more conditioning. Although it was still a supremely smooth experience, the razor didn’t feel as moisturising as some other ‘cushioned’ blade heads I’ve tried.

Nonetheless, this razor has quickly become a staple in my grooming routine.

  • Starter Kit, £7.95 from Estrid – buy here

How long do Estrid razors last?

Estrid recommends changing your razor blade every 5-7 shaves for best results, but this also depends on the size of the area you’re shaving – if you’re just using it on your underarms, for example, you might find that the blades stay sharp for longer compared to using it over your entire body.

I’m a lazy shaver, reaching for my razor no more than once a week (and probably less in winter when my limbs are hidden away under joggers and jumpers) and so I would probably stretch each blade out to last two months before switching for a new one.

Are Estrid razor heads recyclable?

Razor blades are notoriously tricky to recycle. While all Estrid packaging is 100% recyclable, the blades, which are made of steel and plastic, currently aren't.

On its website, Estrid says that it is working on developing a recycling programme.

One extra sustainability measure Estrid puts in place is to partner with carbon offset programmes to compensate for CO2 emissions created during the manufacturing process.

How to cancel Estrid subscriptions

Want to end your deliveries, either temporarily or permanently? You can easily pause or cancel your Estrid subscription through the ‘Manage subscriptions’ section in your account online.

Here you can also edit the details of your deliveries, including address, frequency and delivery date.

  • Starter Kit, £7.95 from Estrid – buy here

Where to buy Estrid razors

The whole range of Estrid products – which also includes body care products and a new waxing collection – is available to buy on

The Estrid starter kits, replacement heads and travel cases are also available from Boots in a variety of colours.

Estrid alternatives

Here are four more shaving subscription services to try for hassle-free hair removal:

  • Razor Kit, £25.48 £4.95 and eight Refill Blades, from £19.80 from FFS Beauty – buy here
  • Trial Set, £12 £5.95 and eight Refill Blades, from £14 from Flamingo – buy here
  • Oska Premium Razor Handle, free for the first month, and pack of two Osku Comfort Blades, £1.50 each from Gruum – buy here

The verdict: Are Estrid razors good?

In short, yes, they’re very good, whether you sign up to the subscription service or simply buy the products as and when you need them.


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Obviously there are cheaper razors and shaving kits on the market, but for style, performance and a good attempt at making shaving more sustainable, Estrid ticks all the boxes.

  • Starter Kit, £7.95 from Estrid – buy here

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