Luis Rubiales insists he meant no harm by kissing Jenni Hermoso

Shameless Spanish kiss-gate FA chief Luis Rubiales insists kissing Jenni Hermoso ‘was EXACTLY the same as my daughters’ and says ‘the truth will come out’ in criminal investigation

  • Luis Rubiales will step down as Spanish FA chief after the ‘kiss-gate’ scandal
  • Jennifer Hermoso said she did not consent to Rubiales’ kiss 
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Disgraced Spanish Football Association chief Luis Rubiales has insisted he kissed Jennifer Hermoso in the way he would kiss one of his daughters.

Rubiales has been at the centre of a storm of controversy since he kissed Hermoso on the lips after Spain won the Women’s World Cup final in Sydney last month.

The 46-year-old has faced calls to resign after the incident, with protests against his presidency taking place across Spain and high-profile figures across the world of football and beyond calling for him to step down.

FIFA handed him an initial 90-day suspension, and are pushing to ban him for longer, and the Spanish FA publicly apologised for his behaviour. 

Rubiales eventually announced on Monday that he would resign from his role, but in an interview with Piers Morgan, which will air on Tuesday night, he steadfastly maintained he meant no harm by kissing Hermoso. 

Disgraced Spanish Football Association chief Luis Rubiales has insisted meant no harm as he kissed Jennnifer Hermoso after the Women’s World Cup final

Rubiales (right) kissed Hermoso as she collected her medal after Spain beat England in the Women’s World Cup final last month

Rubiales said he kissed Hermoso in the way he would kiss one of his daughters

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‘There was no harm, no sexual content, no aggression, nothing like that,’ Rubiales told Piers Morgan Uncensored.

‘The significance of the kiss to Jenni would have been exactly the same as a kiss to one of my daughters.

‘Between friends and family, that’s very, very common.’

He added: ‘Under no circumstance was there any aggression and under no circumstance was there any sexual content.

‘I want to say that, Piers, again, I made a mistake, I apologise, but let’s be clear, under no circumstance is this sexual aggression.’

Rubiales described the kiss as ‘a very happy moment, a celebration, a euphoric moment’, but concedes he ‘should have acted in a more solemn, cold and diplomatic way.’

Hermoso lodged a formal complaint last week before returning to Mexico where she plays her club football and prosecutors announced on Friday they had made their formal complaint to a judge at the Audiencia Nacional court in Madrid.

The outgoing Spanish FA president has insisted the kiss was consensual and described it as a ‘peck’.

Rubiales is still facing the possibility of a criminal prosecution for sexual assault and coercion over his ‘unsolicited kiss’ after Spain’s National Court – the highest court in the country – opened a preliminary investigation into Rubiales’ conduct.

But the Spanish FA chief defiantly maintains the truth ‘will come out’ in a criminal probe.

Rubiales (left) announced his resignation in an exclusive interview with Piers Morgan (right)

The disgraced Spanish FA chief insisted the truth will come out in an investigation

‘I have full faith that the truth will come out and everything will be fine. Take a look at my face, I am a good guy,’ he said. 

Rubiales also told Morgan he spoke to his daughters Lucía, Ana and Elena, as well as his father and friends before reaching the decision to step down after weeks of clinging onto this post.

‘I spoke with my daughters and they know it is not a question about me. They say I have to focus on my dignity and my life. In this situation now, this is the thing that I have to do,’ he said.

‘Some friends very close to me said, “Luis, you have to focus on your dignity and to continue your life because if not you are going to damage people you love and the sport you love.’ 


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World Cup-winning manager Jorge Vilda was removed from his post following Rubiales’ suspension, not long after the outgoing president had offered him a new contract. 

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