Only people with ‘supersonic vision’ can spot odd word within six seconds

Reckon you've got what it takes to solve this optical illusion?

Brainteasers can often challenge your perception and visual skills. Some puzzles provide deep insights into how the brain processes complex visual information.

Now if think you've got the patience to solve a mind-boggling illusion, let's see how you'll get on with the latest image to go viral online.

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According to the creators, only people with incredible vision can seem to find "money" hidden among the word "honey" in the mind-boggling brainteaser.

Regular practice of these kind of challenges can work wonders for your eyesight and could even help with visual memory too.

Still struggling? Scroll down for the answer…

The photo shows the word grid in which "honey" can be seen. But among the image, there's an odd word with "money" lurking somewhere.

You are challenged to spot it in six seconds, but don't worry if you don't manage it that fast. The illusion tests your observation skills and is a fun way to kill time too.

If you look closely at the image you might be able to find it. Start by scanning every row and column then you could be able to spot it.

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