Nurse had sex with patient before demanding £84k or she’d send his wife snaps

A nurse has been accused of having sex with one of her male patients and then threatening him with the Russian secret service to keep quiet.

The patient is a 42-year-old Russian man named Nikolai who was undergoing urological treatment at a clinic in Moscow at the time. The nurse, who has been identified as Katya allegedly seduced him while she was working at the Gerontological Research and Clinical Centre. The medical professional, also 42, has been described as “beautiful” by local media.

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Shot media reported: “While the doctors were treating his genitourinary organ, the beautiful nurse Katya suggested an alternative method. During rounds, the nurse stayed in the married patient’s room a little longer than in the others.

“He realised his erotic fantasies, quickly grew stronger, and began to recover.”

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However, she allegedly began to blackmail Nikolai with secretly taken photographs of their hospital ward trysts. Stating she would tell his wife unless he paid her £84,000.

“The patient tried to persuade the nurse to agree to a non-disclosure agreement and a payment schedule,” reported BAZA media outlet. It is understood that he paid her £840 but could not afford more, but was willing to pay in instalments.

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She insisted that she “loved” him and unless he left his wife she would use her friends in Vladimir Putin ’s FSB secret service to ensure he paid in full. As her demands grew more insistent, he went to the police.

Officers are now investigating the case, and she could face jail if convicted of blackmail, say reports.

Meanwhile, it was reported that the nurse eventually informed the man’s wife of their relationship in his private hospital room.

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