I'm plus-size and did a Halloween haul from Fashion Nova – an 'iconic' pink look was everyone's favorite | The Sun

A FESTIVE woman has revealed her Halloween costume haul from Fashion Nova.

While all the looks fit a curvaceous body type, there was a clear favorite among fans.

Arlette Jeanett (@arlettejeanett) filmed herself modeling five different looks in a video on TikTok.

"Halloween costume haul," read the text.

First, she modeled a Playboy Bunny-style pink bodysuit with rabbit ears.

The look was reminiscent of the famous scene in Legally Blonde in which Elle Woods is tricked into wearing a costume to a regular law school party.

Next, she wore a head-to-toe pink cowgirl outfit, complete with bellbottom pants.

The costume was supposed to be Margot Robbie's character as Barbie.

Arlette donned yet another Barbie-look in a multi-colored aerobics outfit, similar to the one worn by Margot Robbie.

Next, she wore an Alice in Wonderland dress, complete with white socks and black Mary Jane shoes.

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Finally, she modeled a costume of Shego — a villain from the cartoon Kim Possible.

The look consisted of a green and black long sleeve bodysuit and black boots.

"Which was your fave?" she asked in the caption. "[Heart emoji] all."

The video drew in many viewers who shared their two cents in the comment section.

"You look so good in that bunny costume," one wrote. "Oh my God."

"Oh my God, Legally Blonde, though," another added.

"The bunny is my fave," a third commented, with Arlette replying: "It’s iconic."

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