Woman uninvites sister to wedding after she refuses to wear bridesmaid dress

A bride has been praised after saying that her sister can’t come to her wedding at all if she refuses to wear her bridesmaid dress.

The woman has taken to Reddit to share the awkward scenario, which involves her sister not liking the dress picked out for her.

According to the post, the bride-to-be says: ‘I’m planning a lovely bridesmaid entourage for my wedding consisting of my beautiful sister and cousins.

‘Today I told my sister I thought of navy blue dresses for bridesmaids. I sent her a couple pics very enthusiastically. I thought it’s elegant. Matches with the suits and gives a nice pop to the white wedding dress on pics.

‘The response from my sis was instant: “You can’t be serious! I won’t wear that. Everyone will hate that. Or is it that you want all of us to look like sh*t? I heard there are weddings where the bride wants to make bridesmaids look intentionally bad. That’s probably your plan.”

The poster continues: ‘She [my sister] said her “color type” is “autumn” and navy looks the worst on that complexion. My cousins, she said, are also autumn and I will make them look the worst too.’

After some back and forth looking for alternative blue dresses, the bride’s sister tells her that she doesn’t want to be bridesmaid and would attend the wedding, but not in a matching dress.

The poster continues: ‘Her point of view is that I should care about people feeling good at my wedding and I don’t have much empathy.

‘I cried for a bit then I told my sister honestly that after this I will have a sad and angry feeling every time I’d look at her at the wedding. In her pretty dress, being satisfied with herself at my expense. And maybe it’s best if she’s not there then.’

It’s clear most people on Reddit seem to side with the bride.

One person said: ‘WOW. Your sister is rude. The role of bridesmaid is to wear the bride’s choice of color as a representation of being her best female confidant/friend. It’s the norm.’

While someone else added: ‘You’re sister is a brat. She’s also not the main character at your wedding. If she dropped out, as much as it may hurt, that’s her choice. You tried to appease her and she still wasn’t happy. That’s not your fault.’

However, others did point out the bride’s reaction is a little drastic.

One person replied: ‘Are you saying that she can’t come to your wedding as a guest just because she doesn’t want to be a bridesmaid??? That’s what it sounds like you are saying, and that would be ridiculous. Just let your sister wear what she wants and be a guest.’

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