Playing Real Escape Games

Due to advanced technology, the gaming world has been changed a lot. There are so many types of games available nowadays. But the exit game is very much popular among all types of games.

The game lovers have to solve riddles, puzzles and find the hidden objects, clues and surprises. You can find so many gaming companies in the market. But Escape Hour is the perfect one among all. The escape rooms of are far more than just solving a mere puzzle.

Real-life escape games:

There are so many companies in Calgary and Edmonton. But Escape Hour is the best one. They can offer you the high-quality games including locker room facility. These rooms can give you unparalleled experience that you have never experienced. Each puzzle can give you closure to the solve room. This is exactly a game of mind.


It needs solid team-work in order to solve the puzzle and riddle. These rooms are quite challenging. So, you need to include your friends in order to solve the whole puzzle and riddle. The expert team players and team support are very much important to win this game.

The goal of the play:

The actual goal of the play is to escape. In order to do escape, you will have to search for rooms and break into areas that are secured with lock and codes. You will have to crack the codes in order to enter into the rooms for escaping.

Help cards:

At any points of the game, you are allowed to use the help cards. These help cards are really very helpful. This can also provide you with the exact direction. If you are stuck on a puzzle and cannot solve it on your own, then you should take help card. But the use of these help card may also deduct your point from the final score.

If you are stuck at any point of the game, then the game master of the Escape Hour will help you and guide you in the right direction. You may get hints from them on your TV screen. They are ready to offer you a customized and unique experience as well. The game master will continuously watch you throughout the game so that they can help you at any point of the game. All the games are available in private form. So, you need to play with your teammates only. This company always tries to offer you the best experience and unique gaming ideas.