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ALDI left shoppers worried after it showed a trailer for its Christmas advert and Kevin the Carrot was nowhere to be seen.

The character has featured in the discounter's Christmas campaign for the past eight years.

But Kevin doesn't appear in Aldi's teaser advert leaving some viewers worried he might have been given the chop.

In the Willy Wonka-themed trailer, viewers are introduced to new characters, who shoppers have dubbed the "Plumpa Loompas".

However, shoppers can relax as it's now been confirmed that Kevin is back once again.

Is Kevin the Carrot in the Aldi Christmas advert?

Kevin the Carrot made his much-anticipated TV return, in Aldi's latest 2023 festive ad.

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Aldi releases Willy Wonka-inspired Christmas ad – a fan favourite is back


Aldi teases Willy Wonka-style Xmas ad – but shoppers ask 'Where's Kevin?'

This time, he's paying a visit to William Conker's magical Christmas factory.

The festive ad opens with the five lucky visitors excitedly waiting to enter.

Accompanied by grate grandpa, Kevin embarks on his tour of the festive goodie-filled plant, encountering all sorts of mischievous characters on the way – including dancing plumty-dumptys and a spoilt little sprout.

With the other lucky winners including "greedy, gluttonous grape" and "naughty green kiwi" each landing themselves in bother and falling away, Kevin is finally the last carrot standing.

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Upon passing the test and being handed the "cheese" to the factory, Kevin asks the wholesome question – "Can I share my good fortune with everyone?".

The ad concludes with the charming closing message "Seasonal goodwill was truly in the air as Christmas is a time that's sweeter when you share". 

He is also accompanied by a cheerful crowd of characters from Aldi's Christmas past, including Ebanana Scrooge and Marcus Raddishford.

You can watch the full ad here.

Can you buy the Kevin the Carrot toy?

Aldi has hinted that Kevin the carrot toys will be available for purchase.

Even though it's not completely confirmed it says on the supermarket's website: "Aldi will be donating proceeds from the sale of Kevin the carrot products to Teenage Cancer Trust."

Aldi will confirm when the toy goes on sale at a later date.

Thousands of shoppers were forced into a virtual queue last November after rushing to buy Kevin the carrot toys.

Customers were also outside their local stores from 4am to grab them.

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In previous years actual fights have broken out in the aisles as parents fought to get their hands on them.

Some even bulk-bought the characters and took to eBay to flog them for much higher than they nabbed them for.

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