Makeup guru reveals 10-SECOND foundation hack to prevent cakey makeup

Makeup guru reveals genius hack for preventing ‘dry, cakey’ foundation – and it only takes 10 seconds

  • Kelly, 30, who is based in New Jersey and New York, revealed the hack on TikTok
  • The makeup guru revealed that this simple step can help to avoid that cakey look
  • To try it out for yourself, all you need is a foundation sponge and setting spray 

A makeup guru has revealed a genius hack to prevent your foundation from caking on your face – detailing how to maintain a picture-perfect beauty look all day with one simple, 10-second technique.

Kelly Strack, 30, who is based in New Jersey and New York City, is a popular content creator with over two million subscribers on YouTube, with whom she often shares various makeup tutorials and beauty tips.

In one of her recent hack video that was posted on TikTok in late September, Strack noted that all you need to keep your foundation looking pristine all day is a makeup sponge and a setting spray.

‘If your foundation looks like this at the end of the day, really dry, cakey, and separated, let me help you,’ she said in the beginning of the clip, pulling up a picture of herself sporting that exact foundation look on her face.

Makeup and beauty guru Kelly Strack revealed a foundation hack to help you avoid that cakey look

Strack has a following of over two million on YouTube, and often shares various tips and tricks with her followers

‘This is what I do to get a smooth, flawless base that actually lasts,’ Strack continued. 

In the clip, she began by using her fingers to apply her foundation all over her face, ensuring that she worked it into the skin evenly while smoothing everything out.

Next, Strack wet a foundation sponge – in her case opting for a Beautyblender – which she said she prefers using over using a makeup brush as it allows a better finish. 

Then, the makeup magic began to happen.

Once the sponge was damp, the content creator spritzed some setting spray all around the beauty tool, and then applied it to her face, which she explained was the simple key to avoiding that cakey look. 

‘Since I have it damp, I’m going to go in with setting spray and go in and spritz it with some setting spray all around,’ she said. 

‘Then I’m going to press and blend the foundation into the skin, this is going to help to not only set the foundation with the setting spray, but also smooth and blend everything flawlessly,’ Strack revealed.

In the comments section of Strack’s video, a few other users offered their own DIY-hacks for avoiding that horrible, congealed-looking foundation face. 

To begin, Strack first applied a layer of foundation to her face by using her fingers, something that she is a fan of doing

She then wet her foundation sponge, which she said is one of the keys to getting this just right 

The hack she revealed was applying a setting spray to a wet foundation sponge, which she claimed can help you avoid that cakey foundation look

Kelly’s tips for kicking cakey foundation to the curb

  • Apply foundation to face
  • Wet a foundation sponge
  • Spritz on some setting spray
  • Apply to face 

‘Rose hip oil by the ordinary, apply let dry two mins, apply makeup,’ one person offered. ‘It will be flawless and last all day and night.’

Another suggested, ‘I find that almost over hydrating before applying make up helps it last and not look like this. And go heavy on the setting spray.’

‘MILK PRIMER!!!!’ someone else typed. ‘ITS IN A BLACK TUBE OILY SKIN GIRLYS BUY IT NOW. it’s an absolute life changer.’

However, this is not the first time that the internet has been set ablaze by a viral foundation hack.

In April 2020, Australian makeup artist Shani Grimmond shared a video about a ‘weird’ trend that involved putting on setting spray and powder on your face before applying foundation.

She decided to try it out for herself, as some fans claimed it could increase the lasting power of your foundation throughout the day, and even increase its coverage.

Grimmond applied moisturizer, translucent powder, setting spray, primer and then her foundation last.

Strack promised that this step will help your foundation look flawless and not at all cakey

In the comments section of Strack’s videos, some users gave their own tips for preventing cakey foundation 

‘…this is going to help to not only set the foundation with the setting spray, but also smooth and blend everything flawlessly,’ Strack said in the video

Normally, Grimmond explained, she would put her powder and setting spray on after her cream foundation. 

‘My first impression is that it looks incredible on the skin,’ she admitted after she applied all of the products on her face. 

‘I don’t think I’ve ever had this much coverage with this foundation.’ 

Six hours later, Grimmond pulled out her camera again to film an update, to which she seemed pleasantly surprised.

‘It has stuck like glue… it hasn’t moved anywhere,’ she said.

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