Men competing in 2023 Mullet championships show off their tresses

Mullet Championship 2023 finalists show off their tresses – as voting opens to find the best ‘business at the front, party at the back’ style

  • Voting for best mullet has opened now and will be running til Friday (October 13)
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While it has the potential to divide opinion like no other hairdo, the mullet has also built a legion of fans in recent decades.

The ‘do, often described as ‘business at the front, party at the back’, features a traditional short cut, paired with tumbling tresses down the back.

And now men boasting the best mullets across the US are vying to scoop the title of winner of the 2023 ‘Mane Event’ at the annual USA Mullet Championships.

The top 25 finalists have been revealed in the competition, with lines for voting now open, until Friday (October 13).

Among the finalists are majestic mullets bestowed with nicknames like ‘The BC Gravy Train’, ‘Terry the Walmart Wolverine’, ‘Panhandle Justice’ and ‘The Carolina Shrimp Tail’.

Among the 25 finalists is Jeremy ‘Scrappy’ Perine of Pennsboro, West Virginia and his mullet nicknamed ‘The Mountaineer Mullet’

Patrick Sosman of Springfield, Illinois, shows off his mullet, which he says is nicknamed ‘Wesley’

Alex Mcduffie of Florida Everglades (pictured, left) and Zachary Reiswig of Rexburg, Idaho, (pictured, right) are both finalists in the competition

Finalist Brandon Mittermeier of Conway, Arkansas, shows off his mullet nicknamed Mama Tried

The finalists have all immortalised their mullets in photographs shared by the competition.

In many of the snaps, the finalists have accessorised their hairstyles with staple props for the mullet – wraparound shades and tank tops.    

In his bid for the crown, one contender, Brandon Hernandez, has even recruited a chicken to pose with him and his ‘Texas Tailgate’ mullet.

Online voting for the finalists is now underway on and runs until Friday (October 13). 

Fans are also encouraged to make donations on behalf of their favourite finalist to Jared Allen’s Homes for Wounded Warriors.

The total raised for the charity will contribute to the contestant’s overall score.

A panel of judges will also critique each mullet based on length, style, uniqueness and showmanship to arrive at an overall final total.

Finalists in the Mane Event were drawn from state fairs and festivals, official judges picks and Facebook fan votes.

MULLET FINALIST: Bobby Masten of Marysville, Washington, and his mullet nicknamed ‘Bobby-Ray’

Brandon Mittermeier of Conway, Arkansas, (pictured, left) and David Houtz of Gallatin, Tennessee (pictured, right) are both finalists

John Poor of Anderson, Indiana, is pictured showing off his top 25 mullet, which is nicknamed ‘Uncle Jesse’

FINALISTS: Brandon Hernandez of Buda, Texas, (pictured, left) and Matthew Ray of Carleton, Michigan, (pictured, right)

Matthew Ray of Mossy Head, Florida, is a finalist, alongside his mullet nicknamed ‘Panhandle Justice’

MULLET FAN: Brian Carruthers of Coon Rapids, Minnesota, and his mullet nicknamed ‘The BC Gravy Train’

Han Nguyen of Yukon, Oklahoma, (pictured, left) and Andrew Hooley of Kalamazoo, Michigan, (pictured, left)

Shawn Halladay of Gifford, Pennsylvania, shows off his finalist mullet, which is nicknamed ‘Dale’

Another of the finalists is Todd Grubb of Galesburg, Michigan with his mullet nicknamed ‘Flow Motion’

Zack Mills of Jacksonville, North Carolina, and his finalist mullet nicknamed ‘The Carolina Shrimp Tail’

Jeremiah Van Winkle of New Prague, Minnesota, (pictured, left) and Shawn Halladay of Gifford, Pennsylvania, (pictured, right)

Rowdy Yates of Montana poses for his finalist photo, showing off his mullet nicknamed ‘Let Er Buck!’

Andrew Hooley of Kalamazoo, Michigan, (pictured, left) and Kyle Lytle of Norman, Oklahoma (pictured, right)

Finalist Brian Carruthers of Coon Rapids, Minnesota, and his mullet nicknamed ‘The BC Gravy Train’

Chase Evans is among the 25 finalists, with his mullet which is nicknamed ‘The Florida Panhandle’

And 2022 champ Scott Salvadore is back in the running to defend his title with his ‘The Lord’s Drapes’ hairdo.

The new generation of mullet fans were given their chance to shine last month in the Kids Division contest.

Rory Ehrlich, from Montgomery County, who has nicknamed his mullet cheddar wiz, got over 16,000 votes in the contest and beat hundreds of other contestants to the top prize. 

In second place was Ezekiel Arita, three, of Hawaii – with his dark mullet nicknamed Mr. Aloha Mullet.

And in third place was Kamden Cunningham, five, of Pennsylvania and his mullet nicknamed The Kammander.

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