‘My 34G boobs are an investment – I’ve spent £770k on surgery to boost success’

A model has revealed she's spent a whopping £770,000 on plastic surgery – including her ample 34G chest.

Klara Lima, from Florida, US, has had nine procedures over the course of five years but sees going under the knife as an "investment" in her appearance.

Sharing her journey on Instagram page @theklaralima, the fitness fanatic has quickly built up 178,000 followers as an influencer. She is happy with the surgery results but won't be getting any more for now.

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The 32-year-old said: "I created what I wanted with my body and now I’m just maintaining it and focusing on keeping myself in the best shape. Right now I’m honestly very happy the way I am. Surgery makes me more confident."

The brunette added: “I never saw anything really wrong with my body in my early twenties, I was always a beautiful girl, but I’m an artist by heart so I created myself into a vision. I am now maintaining what I have built.”

Klara started having surgery in 2014 and has since undergone three Brazilian butt lifts and four breast enhancements, along with several rounds of Botox and fillers.

She said: “I see my body and image as my biggest and most secure investment because I feel like that’s what I understand the most and I set up my lifestyle that way so my brand will always be my tool to make it.

"I love my entire body – every part complements the other the right way. My surgeries make me feel amazing. I love the process, I love the progress – the new start, impulse, and motivation to work harder on my body.”

Klara previously hit headlines after revealing her struggle with alcoholism, but is now celebrating her fourth year of sobriety. She says she couldn’t be more proud of her career and body journey.

Her transformation has brought some jealousy from other women, she says, but she doesn't let it affect her. “I’m not paying attention to these types of things," she said.

“Jealously is a lack of self-love and insecurity and everyone can overcome it if they realise they can heal themselves from these toxic feelings. A woman who knows who she is and knows her worth won’t care.

“No one is perfect, but you should turn your flaws into powers and work on your God-given talents. I did and now I’ve been sober for four years and I feel reborn.”

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As well as being a model, the Czech-born beauty also makes a living as a real estate investor and motivational podcast creator, with her podcast called ‘Out Of This World’.

She also shares her life online as an influencer, racking up more than 36,600 views and 2,800 likes on a recent post. Fans often praise her for her transformation, with one admirer recently telling her: "You have a beautiful soul that radiates positivity and strength!" While another added: "Your self-improvement journey is a testament to your strength."

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