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THE Sidemen are back in another huge charity match today as they take on the YouTube All Stars at West Ham's London Stadium.

But a Mark Goldbridge-managed YouTube side will be out for revenge after losing last year's match 8-7 in a thrilling encounter.

Sidemen and YouTube favourites KSI, Miniminter, IShowSpeed, Chunkz and Yung FIlly will all be in action today.

  • Kick-off time: 3pm BST
  • Stream/watch: Sidemen YouTube channel
  • Sidemen FC XI: KSI, JME, Wroetoshaw, Calfreezy, Lazarbeam, Mr Beast, Behzinga, TBJZL, Zerkaa, Vikkstar123, Miniminter
  • YouTube All Stars XI: XQC, Max Fosh, Jidion, Willne, Danny Aarons, ChrisMD, Filly, Speed, Theo Baker, Kai, Niko
  • Donate: Proceeds are being donated to the following charities – Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM), youth charity Teenage Cancer Trust and wish-granting charity, Rays of Sunshine

Follow all the action with our live blog below…

  • By Lloyd Canfield

    Fan favourites

    As the lineups were being read out by the stadium announcer there was huge applause for two names in particular.

    Those being Wroetoshaw and IShowSpeed.

    Two huge names who will be set for big performances in today's game.

    Will Harry be able to find the target? We know his accuracy can be a little off the mark, if you ask his mum she will agree.

    Or will IShowSpeed be able to get vengeance for his offside goal last time out?

    We are about to find out.

  • By Lloyd Canfield

    Angry Ginge is ready to go

    After his heartwarming call-up video went viral, Angry Ginge has taken to X (formerly Twitter) to show that he is ready for today's game.

    He might be starting from the bench today, but we are expecting a 'masterclass' in his words…

    Angry Ginge is ready for actionCredit: Twitter @AngryGinge13
  • By Lloyd Canfield

    Sidemen FC lineup

    KSI, JME, MrBeast, Zerkaa, Miniminter, Lazaarbeam, Calfreezy, Tobi, Behzinga, Wroetoshaw, Vikkstar123

  • By Lloyd Canfield

    Youtube Allstars lineup

    XQC, WIllNE, Kai Cenat, Max Fosh, Speed, Yung Filly, ChrisMD, Theo Baker, Danny Aarons, JiDion, Niko.

  • By Lloyd Canfield

    Pre-match prep

    The players have headed into the tunnel for their final team talks before we get the game underway.

    There are some pre-game inflatables going up, and a Champions League-esque banner in the middle of the pitch.

    This really feels like a big occasion and the Sidemen have stepped it up a level this year for sure.

  • By Lloyd Canfield

    Sidemen FC looking well drilled

    Sidemen FC definitely look the better organised of the two teams out there on the pitch.

    They are currently doing a shooting drill against KSI in goal, with Angry Ginge, Randolph and Vikkstar testing the keeper.

    Some deadly shooters in there…

  • By Lloyd Canfield

    Behzinga on playing at the London Stadium

    “It’s definitely a dream come true for us to play our charity match at a stadium of this

    The journey we have been on with this event since 2016 has been crazy, and the support we received last year showed to us that we were ready to take the game up a level.

    We’re delighted to play in front of a sold out London Stadium and it fills us all with pride to be able to raise even more money for some very important charities.”

    Ethan Payne – 'Behzinga' Nobo

  • By Lloyd Canfield

    Speed hits the SEWYYYY

    IShowSpeed is here warming up on the pitch, he sprints to the corner flag straight away, and sends the fans wild by hitting his infamous Ronaldo-inspired SEWY.

    It echoes around the stadium too.


  • By Lloyd Canfield

    LIVE from the London Stadium

    WE are here at the London Stadium with just half an hour until the game gets underway.

    Anticipation in the stadium is building, the players are warming up and it is a baking hot summers day here in London.

    Goalkeeper KSI is being warmed up by teammate on the day Angry Ginge – and let's just say he has let in a few howlers.

    Expect a high scoring game…

  • By Matt Penn


    KSI confirms he's in goal for today's game, owing to his fight with Tommy Fury on October 14.

    He says he has a higher chance of knocking Fury out without an injury.

  • By Matt Penn

    We're underway!

    The stream on Sidemen's YouTube channel is officially underway.

    Kick off is just 45 minutes away.

  • By Matt Penn

    Stream to start in 10 minutes

    Coverage of Sidemen FC's big clash with YouTube All Stars will begin in 10 minutes.

    We'll have you covered with all of the thrills and spills from the London Stadium.

    Team news is also expected at around 2.30pm BST.

  • By Matt Penn

    Speed is ready

    Here's the main man for the YouTube All Stars – IShowSpeed.

    He'll be hoping to get himself onto the scoresheet today.

  • By Matt Penn

    Opposites attract

    Though they're on opposite sides today, KSI and IShowSpeed were filmed sitting on the bus next to each other on the way to the game.

    Something tells me they won't be so friendly once the game starts.

  • By Matt Penn

    Vikkstar is ready to go

    One of the founding members of the Sidemen Vikkstar123 is in the house and looks raring to go.

  • By Matt Penn

    How to watch

    • The Sidemen Charity Match will be broadcast for FREE live on the Sidemen YouTube channel.
    • Coverage starts at 2.15pm, 45 minutes before kick off.
    • The game will kick off at 3pm BST.

    Player arrivals

    Some players have started to make their way to the London Stadium for today's huge match…

    IShowSpeed in the building…

    YouTube All Stars manager has posted this picture to his Twitter account… rumours are that IShowSpeed is set to START today's clash

    What happened last time?

    Last year's game was a manic one as Sidemen FC came out on top 8-7 in a 15-goal thriller.

    Sidemen's Miniminter bagged a hat-trick as YouTube's IShowSpeed stole the show with some of his entertaining antics.

    KSI was also hilariously slide tackled to the ground within seconds of the game starting.

    But with his big fight against Tommy Fury coming up, KSI has decided not to risk injury and will play this game IN GOAL.

    Who is playing?

    Well, all the usual suspects. But here's a full list for you.

    Sidemen FC

    • KSI
    • W2S
    • Miniminter
    • Vikkstar123
    • Behzinga
    • Zerkaaa
    • TBJZL
    • MrBeat
    • Callux
    • Lazarbeam
    • Tareq
    • Calfreezy
    • Randolph
    • Deji
    • Angryginge
    • Manny
    • JME

    YouTube All Stars

    • IShowSpeed
    • xQc
    • Danny Aarons
    • Chandler Hallow
    • Niko Omilana
    • Max Fosh
    • Kai Cenat
    • Airrack
    • AboFlah
    • Chunks
    • ChrisMD
    • Karl Jacobs
    • Theo Baker
    • WillNE
    • Yung Filly
    • JiDion
    • Jacksepticeye
    • Duke Dennis

    Match day settings

    This is where Sidemen FC will take on YouTube All Stars today in their annual charity match.

    It's set to be a scorching 33C (91F), which will be the hottest day of the year so far.

    And 60,000 fans will pack out West Ham's stadium, with the event selling out in 90 minutes.

    • By Matt Penn

      Welcome to the Sidemen Charity Match 2023!

      Hello and welcome to the annual Sidemen Charity Match live from an absolutely scorching London Stadium.

      It's set to be the hottest day of the year, so what better activity is there than for 22 non-athletes to be kicking a football around in front of 60,000 fans.

      That's right, the Sidemen are back as they take on the YouTube All Stars in what's likely to be another thrilling encounter.

      Last year's game finished 8-7 to KSI and Co, who are looking to aise another huge amount for charity this weekend.

      All your favourites KSI, Miniminter, Behzinga, IShowSpeed, Yung Filly and Chunkz are set to turn out.

      And there are set to be more of the same antics from last year with IShowSpeed likely to the centre of attention once again.

      Ex-Premier League referee Mark Clattenburg will be refereeing the game once again, and he'll need to be on his toes if last year's game is anything to go by.

      Overall it should be an absolute cracker, so kick back with a cold and enjoy the action – SunSport have you covered.

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