Boris Johnson says Hamas and Putin 'morally identical' in Mail column

Boris Johnson says Hamas and Putin are ‘morally identical’ as he hails Biden’s vow of American engagement in latest Mail column

Boris Johnson insists Hamas and Putin are ‘morally identical’ today in his hard-hitting new Mail column.

The ex-PM backs Joe Biden’s Oval Office ‘great’ speech in which the US president connected the threat the terror group and Russia pose to democracies.

And Mr Johnson declares himself particularly delighted with Mr Biden’s willingness to take on the mantle of ‘world leadership’. 

In a video teasing his column – which will be in the Daily Mail tomorrow and on MailOnline this evening – Mr Johnson said: ‘Joe Biden made a great speech last night in which he set out how Hamas and Putin’s troops are morally identical in their terroristic methods, the assault that they are mounting on democracy.

Boris Johnson is writing weekly for the Daily Mail and MailOnline. Picture: MARK HARRISON

President Joe Biden addressed the American people from the Oval Office last night, tying the conflicts in Israel and Ukraine together 

‘What was so great about his speech was that he was the first American president for a long time to acknowledge that we need American world leadership to respond.’

Addressing the American people last night, Mr Biden tied together the conflicts in Ukraine and Israel, arguing ‘we cannot and will not let terrorists like Hamas and tyrants like Putin win’.

Warning that ‘chaos will spread,’ the President pleaded with Congress to pass what is expected to be $100 billion in new funding – a call which is already being resisted by Republicans.

Mr Biden asserted in his 15-minute address that Vladimir Putin and the terror group ‘represent different threats’ but share a common goal.

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