‘Haunting clip’ of Kate and George shows prince’s future ‘limited’, says expert

Prince George may have already secured the affection of tens of millions of people – but we should spare a thought for a boy who’s never going to be allowed to get off the treadmill of public service for the rest of his life.

That’s the verdict of one royal expert, who says the release of a video by Kensington Palace this week showed a “haunting” moment that “exposed a sad truth”.

The video – which expert Daniella Elser described for News.com.au as a “charm-a-thon that seems entirely designed to tug at the heartstrings” – focused on George and his mum, the Princess of Wales, helping out at a baby bank.

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But one particular exchange caught Daniella’s eye. She wrote: “It comes towards the end of the ‘film’ when Kate, with her arms around George’s shoulders, says to him, ‘You can see how rewarding this work is, knowing that you’re helping out others’, to which the 10-year-old gets out a perfunctory ‘Yeah’.

“The prince hardly seems rapt and the moment feels forced… Because this is it for the kid. Forever. For the next 90 years.

“What plays out in this ‘film’ is what George’s entire life will be like – him turning up, day after day after day, for decades, walking into strange rooms, making nice with slightly overawed charity workers and do-gooders, all the while very much on show.”

Daniella admitted that it might seem odd feeling sympathy for a lad who’ll always have everything he wants on tap.

But she added: "At an age when most children his age are fighting over Nintendo Switches and who gets the front seat, he is already on the job… Fundamentally, what we are witnessing here is Kate showing George how narrow and how limited his future already is.”

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