King Charles’ self-styled ‘secret son’ claims someone tried to ‘pinch his DNA’

An Australian man who claims to be the 'secret son' of King Charles and Camilla has said that attempts have been made to "illegitimately obtain my DNA".

Simon Dorante-Day claims he's the love child of King Charles and Queen Consort Camilla. The 57-year-old father-of-nine, who was born in Hampshire but now lives Down Under, has even pushed for a DNA test to be taken to prove his claim.

But now he claims that his "bulls*** meter flew off the handle" when a woman allegedly rocked up at his house in the wee hours claiming to be the daughter of Prince Philip, who was of course married to Queen Elizabeth II.

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"She said that she obtained her birth certificate and adoption papers and found that they were both doctored," Dorante-Day said to "The hospital that was listed didn't exist, other details were fabricated. These are points that mirror my own experiences, so I was interested.

"So she said she turned to the FBI for help in tracking down her real birth certificate and they eventually handed her papers which showed she was the daughter of Prince Philip.

"She said they then suggested that she track me down in Australia, that they'd seen my story on YouTube and that she could maybe help my case."

He said that the woman and a private investigator disturbed him and his partner at his home in the early hours of December 2 to tell him this.

"Of course my bulls*** meter is flying off the handle at this point," he added.

"I know how hard it is to get any government authority to address these sorts of issues I hardly think the Federal Bereau of Investigation would just offer up the fact that she was the daughter of the Queen's late husband."

He added that the woman said she had flown to Australia first class and had lots of money because the Royal Family had paid her to remain silent.

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"And she felt that if she was able to compare my DNA to her DNA, and prove we were both descendants of the royal family, then we could ask them for even more money," he explained.

But he added that his wife Elvianna told the lady that it wasn't about money.

He added: "This is about us finding out who my birth parents are and protecting my family. We have never wanted money."

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