London schoolgirls in 1923 accurately predicted what life would be like in 2023

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    Spooky predictions from London schoolgirls in 1923 about what life would be like 100 years later are as impressive as they chilling.

    Posting on the social media platform known as X, an account which speaks as if it is a reporter living in the year 1923, 1923 Live, shared an old newspaper clipping. That clipping shows the opinions of girls from the elementary school Wood Green in London and there are some startling predictions which have at least some regards come true.

    According to the clipping, the origin of which is not known, the girls were “asked to write an essay on things as they will be 100 years hence. These are among the things they foresee:

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    “Women will wear breeches.

    “Housewives will be playing tennis while men stay at home with the kids.

    “Teachers will not be pestered with dull children because every baby will know the alphabet and count up to thirty or even a hundred.

    “Females will become as masculine as possible.”

    The language of the theories feels out of date but some truth in the various prophecies are easy to find. In the hundred years since this clipping was published, old-fashioned gender norms and identities have been eroded – to some extent – with a lessened emphasis now on men going to work and women looking after children at home.

    Those changing norms are accompanied by different societal views around gender fluidity compared to when these girls were writing and today, at least in part, societal pressures for women to act and dress femininely have been worn down. Breeches are also certainly not an uncommon article of clothing for women in parts of the country to wear.

    Education levels have largely improved in the UK with most children able to reach a minimum standard of counting – although whether or not teachers no longer have naughty children in their classes is another matter.

    People have been quick to comment on the accuracy of the changes that have occurred in the 100 years since. One person said: "Thems some smart kids".

    "This is the first time I've seen one of those 100 years in the future predictions that were even remotely true," said another. "Wild how much they predicted," a third chipped in.

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