Putin’s jets scrambled as NATO military plane ‘spotted near Russian border’

Russian Zoopark-1 destroyed by Ukrainian Forces

The Russian Defense Ministry announced that a MiG-31 fighter aircraft was scrambled to intercept a Norwegian patrol aircraft.

The Norwegian aircraft was spotted by Russia over the Barents Sea, a region of great strategic importance for both Russia and Norway.

The Barents Sea, located in the Arctic Ocean, is a vital geographical area due to its rich natural resources and its role as a significant maritime route connecting Europe and Russia.

Russia’s Ministry of Defense emphasized that no violation of the state border occurred during the interception.

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The MiG-31, known as the “Foxhound” in NATO reporting names, is a formidable aircraft in the Russian military’s arsenal. The Mikoyan MiG-31 is a supersonic interceptor aircraft developed to counter airborne threats. It boasts an impressive top speed of approximately 2,500 kilometers per hour (1,550 miles per hour) and is designed for high-speed, high-altitude combat.

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