Woman devastated after learning mother and niece murdered by Hamas

EXCLUSIVE: Stricken Israeli woman shares moment she discovered mother, 79, and 12 year-old niece with autism had been murdered after being abducted by Hamas

  • Hadas Kalderon’s five family members were taken hostage at Kibbutz Nir-Oz October 7 during the surprise Hamas attack on Israeli territory
  • She learned the gut-wrenching news that her mother, Carmela Dan, 79, and her autistic niece, Noya Dan, 12, were killed by Hamas 
  • She pleads for her daughter, Sahar, 16 and son, Erez, 11 and ex-husband, Ofer, 50 release 

A devastated Israeli woman has shared the moment she learned her mother and 12 year-old autistic niece had been murdered by Hamas.

Recalling Wednesday’s heartbreak, Hadas Kalderon told DailyMail.com: ‘I saw the soldiers. I told them “Go away. I don’t want to hear your message… your information. Go away” …that is when they told me.’

Kalderon was to discover that her 79 year-old mother Carmela Dan and her 12 year-old niece Noya Dan were among victims of the October 7 slaughter that killed 1,400 Israelis.

Hadas mother and niece were killed by Hamas. Her son and daughter and ex-husband are still being held captive by the terrorists and prays for that they are still alive 

Initially feared abducted and taken to Gaza, the relatives’ bodies were later found close to the border fence and are believed to have been identified through DNA.

Noya had autism and was a huge Harry Potter fan, with news of the vulnerable youngster’s disappearance shared widely online, including by series author JK Rowling.

Tragically, Kalderon fears more bad news could be in store. Her 16 year-old daughter Sahar and 11 year-old son Erez, as well as her ex-husband Ofer Kalderon, 50, were also taken by Hamas during a raid on the family’s kibbutz in Nir-Oz.

They remain missing and are believed to have been abducted. 

Hadas said: ‘I don’t even have time to grieve because I have to fight for my children.’ 

Pictured: Grandma Carmela Dan, 80, was taken captive by Hamas and was killed by the terrorists. Kalderon learned of her mother’s death on Wednesday 

Pictured: Noya Dan, 12, was killed by the terrorists. The young girl, who was autistic, was a fan of Harry Potter. Heartbroken Kalderon described her niece as a ‘very special smart and clever girl’ 

Pictured: Erez, 11, was taken hostage by Hamas. She said her boy will be turning 12 on October 26 and prays that she will see him again 

Pictured: Sahar, 16, sent her mother a text message saying, ‘They’re here…mom…mom…mom’

Pictured: Ofer Kalderon, 50, was taken hostage by Hamas on October 7. He texted his ex-wife when the terrorists were near his home in Kibbutz Nir-Oz

Hadas said her mother was an American citizen. She would have turned 80 on Tuesday. Two days before the savage attack the family was celebrating her mother’s upcoming birthday.

Noya, who was autistic, was very close to her grandmother, who helped raise her. She described her niece as a ‘a very special smart and clever girl,’ and started to cry when she shared the fear her niece had before her abduction.

‘I can hear her voice saying, ‘Mama I’m afraid,’ as she wept.

 ‘I love her so much. I miss her so much. Why is this world so cruel? Why? To kill an innocent girl.’

After her capture, a photo of Noya, dressed in a Harry-Potter outfit, went viral and was used on The State of Israel’s social media.

Israel also appealed to Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling to help share Noya’s story. Rowling responded and retweeted it to her 14 million followers.

She wrote: ‘Kidnapping children is despicable and wholly unjustifiable. For obvious reasons, this picture has hit home with me. May Noya and all hostages taken by Hamas be returned soon, safely, to their families.’ 

Hadas says her younger sister Galit – Boya’s mom is a single mom who has been ‘absolutely crushed’ to learn she has lost her mother and daughter. 

They were buried at the family’s badly-damaged Kibbutz on Friday.  

The faces of the innocent taking hostage by Hamas at Kibbutz Nir- Oz where 1 out of 4 people were captured 

Hadas, who is divorced, shares the children with her ex who lives in a home in the same kibbutz as her. She said if her children had just stayed at her home on Friday night they would still be here safe with her. 

She spoke of the desperate pleas from her family.

Saturday will mark two weeks that she hasn’t been apart from her beloved son and daughter. A day that many Israeli’s now refer to as ‘Black Saturday.’ 

She told DailyMail.com that she is desperate and pleading for her family’s release.

‘I want America to help. Please release them,’ she cried. ‘Send them home.’

She said her son is turning 12 on October 26 and prays that she will see him again.

‘I want to see him celebrate his Bar mitzvah when he is 13.  I want to see him grow up. I want to see him ride his horses, ride his bike, play ping pong and football,’ she said. ‘

I want to hear his great humor want to hear him laughing. He is such a clever guy. I want to see him have his own family and the same to my daughter.’

‘She’s such a beautiful and good hearted girl. She is innocent and always helps everybody around her. She loves art and drawing and dance. And, their father is a great father. He gives them so much whatever he can.’

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