Sophie Habboo reveals she got ‘professional help’ for ‘debilitating anxiety’

Sophie Habboo has shared that she has been suffering with "debilitating anxiety" as she addressed her recent social media silence.

The 29 year old former Made in Chelsea star has been noticeably absent from Instagram over the past few weeks, and she's also not appeared on the Newlyweds podcast that she shares with husband Jamie Laing, 34, for a while.

But all became clear as she broke her silence on her Instgram stories with a lengthy statement in which she said she was "not feeling myself" and made the decision to "go away to recoup" and "get back to myself".

Her message read: "I wanted to address something, as I know a lot of you have been asking where I was, and sending lots of lovely messages and I wanted to thank you for those.

'But also to answer them… the truth is, I have struggled with anxiety for many years, but the last year it got pretty debilitating. And as much as I love showing you guys my life, doing the podcasts with my husband and best friend, it was becoming progressively hard to be that person as I just was not feeling myself.

"The more I continued to live in that space without talking about it and trying to put a plaster on it, the worse I felt.

"So, I decided to go away to recoup, be in a place that I could get professional help so that I could get back to myself, understand what was going on what was causing me to feel this way and change it."

Sophie's message then ran onto a second Instagram Story as she spoke about being "able to live life as a newlywed" with her husband Jamie, who she officially wed in London in April, with a second wedding held in Marbella a month later.

She wrote: "I'm now back and I wanted to share this with you, because not only am I so grateful to have been able to go and get help, but I also am so grateful to have been able to get back to a place where I feel like me again.

"I've learnt a lot and I know this is something that will be part of my life forever, but I have the tools to manage it now and I want to be able to be honest with you guys as I felt like I was lying to you by not telling you and showing you only one side of me on social etc.

"But truly, I am very, very, very grateful to all of you, you've sent me such kind, supportive messages and I am so happy to be back, and able to live life finally as a newly wed!!

"But most importantly, I know first hand how scary it is to admit to yourself let alone others that you are struggling mentally, and I just wanted to come on here to say it's okay.

"It's okay to say it and ask for help and hopefully I can help some of you guys to do that.

"And continue to talk about mental health on here, so that no one has to be ashamed, alone or scared."

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