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A DOG expert has revealed his top breeds of pooches if you want a gentle and calm dog.

Will Atherton, from the UK, took to social media to share the best gentle breeds for pets, ranging from small to large furry friends.

In the clip he said: "So let's look at gentleness across the main different size categories.

"If we started with the small dog breeds, you might be sick of me recommending them, that's because they are the best small dog breeds.

"Get yourself a King Charles Spaniel."

For medium sized dogs, the canine expert recommended the Labradoodle.



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"Labrador mixes tend to come out pretty gentle or Golden Retrievers," he added.

If you are after a gentle giant, then Will has a few more options you can go for.

He said: "Look no further than the English Mastiff, the Newfoundland or the St Bernard."

It's important to note all dogs should be trained adequately.

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The clip posted to his TikTok account @iamwillatherton has since gone viral with over 150k views and 6,000 likes.

Fellow dog lovers took to the comments to share their thoughts on Will's recommendations.

One person wrote: "Cavalier seem lovely but , their health conditions put me off."

Another commented: "Yay for Newfie again!!!"

"My English mastiff was the best," penned a third.

Meanwhile a fourth said: "Great Danes. They’re literally called Gentle Giants for a reason."

"Our labradoodle is an absolute diamond! Mental, thinks she’s a lap dog, but a sweetheart,” claimed a fifth.

Someone else added: "I had a Labrador/Collie mix. She was the best dog ever. So gentle. The perfect dog."

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