Oodie sale on wearable blankets shoppers say ‘save on heating bills’

Temperatures have dropped drastically in the past few days, as the winter months draw closer.

A large selection of wearable blankets from Australian brand Oodie have been discounted by 40 percent, just in time for the colder weather.

Finding warming solutions has been vital for many households as living costs have continued to rise.

Particularly towards the colder months, Oodie’s wearable blankets resurge every year, with many using them to stay cosy and avoid using the heating when possible.

The blankets are an investment, and usually cost £89, however with the sale on, there are multiple designs costing from £53.40.

Buy: Oodie sale (£53.40)

For those working from home or looking to embrace cosy autumn evenings, Oodies are easy to throw on and go, and are easier to move around in than a dressing gown.

With soft flannel fleece on the outside and warming sherpa fleece on the inside, the design is super soft and comfortable, plus it has a hood for head-to-toe cosiness.

The hooded blankets come in one size, which according to the website, is “based on 6XL hoodie sizing and suits heights from 150cm (five feet) to 185cm (six feet)”.

Although the sale saves a considerable amount off, the blankets are still expensive, but Amazon has some budget-friendly alternatives.

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Shoppers are leaving reviews on the wearable blankets, with some calling them ‘so comfortable’.

Sally B said: ”This has to be one of the best things I have bought in a long time. Wear it every day (on and off as it is really warm) Will save loads on heating bills. Love it. So comfortable and easy to wear. Might have to get another one so have one to wear whilst this one is in the wash.”

Glen M commented: ”I love how warm and cozy this keeps me even with no heating on. Love it and its a bit more subtle with bein a solid colour. Reccomended.”

George K also added: ”Very classy and very warm. Just what my wife was looking for ahead of the winter.”

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