We’re branded 'chavs' for living in a council house, now trolls say we shouldn't be able to afford to build an extension | The Sun

A MUM has hit back at the assumption that she and her family are"chavs" because they live in a council house.

Hannah found herself at the centre of more controversy when she revealed that they were planning to extend their home by adding a conservatory on the back.

Many people questioned whether or not she was allowed to carry out such an extension due to it being a council house, with Hannah responding in a video on her TikTok page.

"Yes, it is a council house," Hannah began.

With one of her children in the background saying: "I didn't even know we lived in a council house. I thought we just lived in a house.

"I thought only chavs live in council houses?"

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"No, chavs don't live in council houses," Hannah replied.

"Everybody categorises people who live in council houses as chavs or people that don't work and all that, but that's not how…"

"We work and we're not chavs," the little girl could be heard saying.

Before Hannah redirected the video to answer the question as she said: "Yes it is a council house and you are allowed to build.

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"You're also allowed to extend.

"All you need to do is get in contact with your local council that you rent from and you basically explain to them what you want to do to the house, and they'll either give you a yes or no.

"And we had a surveyor come out today and he was completely happy with us having a conservatory."

She added that they're "very fortunate" with their house to have a "ridiculous amount of land at the back" which means there's more room to extend.

"So yeah, we are going to get that done and I'm super excited to have extra space to sit down and do big family meals and cooking things for you," she concluded.

Despite her explanation, some people in the comments section still weren't happy.

"She is proof that council should be means tested all through the tenancy!" one person wrote.

"If you can afford building work you can afford your own property".

"Yes because you can magically buy a property just like that," Hannah replied, alongside a rolling eyes emoji.

"But you can afford 20k of building work?" the troll hit back.

"That's a deposit. There are families that need that house more than your clearly. It's selfish."

"Calling someone selfish for living in a council house is SO crazy, once you live in the real world you’ll see it’s not that easy to buy a house," someone else defended Hannah.

And she, in turn, responded with another TikTok video.

"Just in case anyone else thinks I'm being f**king selfish, I'm literally looking at buying a second hand conservatory and a second hand ex-display kitchen," she said.

"So my family can have something nice and we can sit together.

"At the end of the day, it's not that easy to get a mortgage, as anyone who has mortgage will know.

"I have s**t in my past, I've paid off this s**t, but unfortunately it doesn't put me in a position at the moment where I can buy a house."

She concluded by saying that the "amount of people who buy their council houses and extend council houses is unbelievable".

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"It's just that unfortunately I'm open and honest with everybody so I get the backlash for it," she sighed.

Hannah previously revealed that she and her partner are hoping to buy their council house as soon as they're able to.

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