Bloke pranks cam girl into ‘pretending to be dead gran’ for starnge fetish

A podcast host hilariously tricked an adult star into pretending to be a "dead grandma" for a bizarre fetish.

Every week, Ryan Pownall interviews the biggest names in the porn industry on the set of his Pillow Talk podcast. But away from the podcast sofa and boozy nightlife — Ryan is no stranger to sharing his antics online.

Most recently, the 31-year-old from Canada, has taken to pranking his porn star pals on SinParty's Cam2Cam feature by pretending he has odd fetishes and seeing if they comply. In one clip, Ryan said: "We're going to think I'm a real sicko for what I actually like. What do you like?

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"I'm kind of into old ladies since my grandma died, and I saw her in her casket at her funeral. If you could imitate an elderly woman that gets me."

The model was then seen walking around hunched over with her hand on her back asking for "cream and sugar" and saying she was "making a Shepherd's pie". Ryan pretended to enjoy the act and even claimed his "gran made the best one".

Instagram viewers were left howling at the clip and took to the comments branding the prank "unhinged". One user said: "This is unhinged!" while another commented: "She's the best."

A third wrote: "How the f**k do you come up with this s**t?" as a fourth declared: "U are sick bro." But Ryan has since continued his series of pranks with other adult stars — telling one to pretend to be characters from Mario Bros and asking another to "scare him" to get him aroused.

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Ryan went from being an entrepreneur, who opened a bar at 23, to becoming the host of Pillow Talk, the number one adult podcast in the world. The podcast started after he went viral for an interview with his grandfather about sex in the 50s.

He has since become close friends with many adult stars behind the scenes. He says they are "all chill people who just don't care what anyone thinks of them. They just do their thing and get their money."

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