Hamas films brutal murder of grandma and post it to Facebook for family to see

Hamas used victim’s phone to post murder on Facebook

An Israeli man has revealed how a Hamas fighter murdered his grandmother and then posted pictures of her dead body on Facebook.

Yoav Shimoni’s safta, which is Hebrew for grandmother, was killed by Hamas in a brutal attack in Kibbutz Nir Oz on Saturday, with one militant believed to have taken photos of her and posting it to her personal Facebook page.

Speaking with CNN’s Jake Tapper, when asked how he and his family were coping with the horrific loss, Shimoni said: “We’re all just trying to do the best we can in this situation, doing what my grandma would have wanted us to do.”

Shimoni said: “My sister commented on our group chat that there is a weird video on my grandma’s Facebook. Then, that is when we all discovered it.”

Speaking about why he agreed to the interview, he said: “She was a great lover of the news, it was a passion of hers, she would spend like four hours a day at least watching the news, and I think that she would want her story shared.”

He continued: “It’s very difficult, the images, the video, out of my head. It’s hard to sleep, it’s hard to really do anything.”

Tapper said he was “at a loss” as to why anyone would want to carry out such a brutal attack, let alone post it on social media for friends and family to see.

Speaking of the wide range of violence inflicted by Hamas on Israel, Shimoni said he wouldn’t wish the “unimaginable things” that have been happening “upon anyone”.

He said his family remains in Israel helping with the volunteer effort. “My parents are currently in Israel going to all of the rescue centres to help out, for all of the victims and all of the survivors from the attacks.

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Tapper asked Shimoni what he would like the world to know about his beloved safta, with Shimoni replying: “How strong and how brave, and how amazing she was.

“She raised my mum and my aunt as a single mum, she loved the Kibbutz, she lived there for seven years, and even when tensions were rising, every time she was always just optimistic.

“I would call her every time and she would say ‘don’t worry I’m safe’ and she would be more concerned for my safety.”

Shimoni’s cousin, Mor Bayder, also appeared on Israel’s Channel 13 to speak about the death of their grandmother.

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She said the video showed her grandmother “lying there” with the floor covered in blood.”

“I saw that worst thing you could possibly imagine,” she said in Hebrew, adding: “My grandmother, in her house, being murdered in a video.”

Bayder said she believed the militant who killed her grandmother took her phone, filmed with it, and uploaded the footage.

Posting on Facebook, Bayder said: “My grandmother my whole world the light of my life. The pillar of my life, in my family’s life.”

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