Sicko took selfie with second rape victim months after dragging first into bush

A rapist took twisted selfies of a teenager after he raped her in a bush, a court has heard.

Silvestar Toshev has been jailed for 23 years after being found guilty of raping a 17-year-old in a park before his second in September 2021 and a 16-year-old in January 2023 while on bail. He was sentenced at Kingston Crown Court on Tuesday.

This week, the second victim gave a gut-wrenching statement about the emotional scars Bulgarian national Toshev had left her with. She said that since then she had spent “most nights having nightmares and waking up shaking and screaming”.

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She explained her frustration at people watching her being abducted but despite her protestation, no one came to help. This experience left her feeling “unseen,”MyLondonreports.

She said: "Many people saw this man pick me up and take me across the road, I knew this because they had to stop to watch him pass over. It made me feel unseen and alone. No-one was coming to save me."

Meanwhile, the first victim said she had been waiting at a Surbiton bus stop when she was approached by Tosev, who called her “beautiful”. He convinced her to go to some nearby grass where he eventually convinced her to take off her tights – a command she agreed to because she was “scared” after he started kissing her.

He then pinned her to the floor and forced her legs apart to rape her. This led her to “black out mentally” while “a number of members of the public” were reportedly nearby.

Judge Mark Bryant-Heron KC told Toshev: "She had her head turned away from you when you raped her. She was not consenting. It must have been obvious to you."

The second victim met Toshev in Sutton, again at a bus stop. He followed her onto an empty bus and began touching on the thigh while trying to speak to her. He would later follow her off the bus and, when she resisted his advances, he picked her up and carried her away.

Both victims were left withdrawn by the incident. Judge Bryant-Heron KC told Toshev: "I find it a terrible disturbing detail of this case having penetrated her without her consent, you asked if you could see her again and took selfies with her, pulling her to you."

Defending Toshev, Defence barrister Isobel McCarroll said: "He is sorry for all the pain and suffering he has caused the victims in this case. "He accepts full responsibility for his actions."

Of the 23 years given to Toshev, 18 are to be in custody with eight years and six months for Count 1, and nine years and six months for Count 2 with a further five years on extended license due to the danger he poses.

"Your actions are regarded by the pre-sentence report as 'extremely concerning'," Judge Bryant-Heron KC said. "You are assessed as a high risk of harm to children under the age of 18 and a high risk to women.

"The reason you chose young girls under 18 was for your sexual gratification because you thought they were more persuadable. You thought they were more likely to go with you initially because they lacked the life experience of a more mature adult to use effective measures to get rid of you. They were in that sense vulnerable. You knew that. You used that. You exploited that vulnerability."

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