Vet issues urgent warning over 5 popular dog breeds – they snore, have bulging eyes and will cost you a fortune | The Sun

A VET has issued an urgent warning over five popular dog breeds in Britain. 

Cat the vet revealed that it’s not just XL bullys being pushed towards the banned list. 

Countries are beginning to crack down on the breeding of flat-faced dogs, and the reason will break your heart – and cost you a fortune. 

Speaking on her social media channel, Cat revealed that the Netherlands have banned the breeding of dogs with ‘excessively flat faces’. 

This includes Britain’s most popular pooches from pugs to French bulldogs, boxers, shih tzus and Cavalier King Charles spaniels. 

“It is now illegal to breed a dog whose nose falls into the red zone,” says Cat, beaming. 

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To explain the zones, she displays a side-view picture of a dog. 

Red, orange and green columns are seen along the dog’s nose, with the green column commanding the very end of their nose and the red almost touching their heads. 

Cat continues: “They are only allowed in the orange zone [a small strip between the green and red] if they don’t snore when they sleep, they have open nostrils and the whites of their eyes are not visible.”

They also must be able to close their eyes when they’re asleep.

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“A fairly basic requirement, you would think, for a dog,” says Cat.

“But a surprising number of our flat-faced breeds have such bulging eyes they literally cannot pull their eyelids all the way over their eyeballs.” 

Other requirements to qualify for breeding in the orange zone include no nose rolls, and the length of their nose must be at least half the length of their skull.

The strict rules put some of our country’s most-loved breeds at risk, with pugs, French bulldogs and other flat-faced toy breeds lining our streets. 

But, Cat claims, it’s for the dogs’ own safety and quality of life. 

“They’ve already had their first conviction [in the Netherlands]. This is something I completely support,” she says. 

“We now have overwhelming evidence that our flat-faced dogs suffer because of the way that they are bred.

"Despite calls from veterinary organisations and animal welfare organisations, nothing has changed and the breed standards haven’t changed. 

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“And unfortunately, the breeders who claim to love these dogs so much haven’t changed either. So now governments are stepping in.

"Well done the Netherlands. I think it’s absolutely fantastic and I hope that other countries follow suit really soon.”

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